Daily Updated Price and Specifications [ Jun, 2023 ] ( Detailed product reviews on laptops listed )

Updated : 7th, June 2023

The Electronic Gadgets Price Index 2023

We started by looking at countries that are known for producing electronic items or for being home to big electronics firms, as well as countries where electronic items are commonplace. We then chose ten countries for further analysis based on their import taxes and whether or not they had undergone currency fluctuations.

Then, in order to collect comparable data, we identified the world's most popular electrical items. We began with laptops and will soon extend to include a variety of other electronic devices, such as smart watches, smart TVs, and gaming consoles, as well as their costs in each country. We sourced data from each country's most popular electronics stores and e-commerce websites to find the cost of electronics in both online and in-stores in order to capture the entire market. We calculated a deviation from the median in circumstances where a model was unavailable in a particular country.

The end result is a comparative index that shows how consumer electronics costs differ in 10 countries around the world.

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